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Stars of Memory
I remember a time
when we were children
and we gazed up in wonder
at the stars.
Wishing, hoping
the wild dreams of youth.
Colorful dreams
hand in hand.
Thoughts of a future.

But the future has come at last
and all of those dreams...
crumbled into ash
scattered amongst the winds of reality
Hands torn apart
by time and sand
and nothing is left
but the stars.

At this thought I smile
perhaps not all is lost
after all
So I went inside
and dialed the phone
hoping to hear your voice
to tell you what you mean to me
remembering all the times we shared.

But then the machine picks up
and says that 'we'
are not at home.
and my heart sinks a little
and time grinds to a halt.

All thats left is memories
beautiful to a fault,
now safely tucked away
locked within a starry vault.

By m.winterstarv

© 2018 m.winterstarv (All rights reserved)


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