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Mystical Traveler

Let the moon come like a mystical
traveler, from halfway
across the sky

seeking shelter, right before...
my window

from where it may
gently knock...
upon the door of my eyes

when i’m not sure... if i’m awake...
in a dream
or deeply awake

sneaking up on my one arm
that’s almost...always peeking
out of my blanket
in the guise of ...
November’s chill

evoking a longing
for mysteries...
and the mystery
of longing

dipping lower ...
and lower
towards the horizon

from a stained,
smoky yellow...
to burnt-orange

to a swallowing crimson

inching closer...
until our gazes
meet at point-blank,

and only deepening further,
and a kiss.

By dazedforever

© 2013 dazedforever (All rights reserved)


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