Christmas As I Remember It As An Adult
Every holiday was special because our Mom made it just that way
On December 25th even more so because it was Christmas Day
As you reached the wooden front door you'd hear a jolly 'Ho, Ho, Ho'
Coming from a motion detector greeting as we wiped boots quite full of snow
Once inside the warmth of home where the yuletide was burning bright
Holiday lights a thousand or more decorating the tree was such an awesome sight
Tinsel hung in perfect strands of silver and also that of gold
And from each child every year of grammar school a story each handmade decoration told
Eyes were fixed upon the gingerbread house that mother lovingly made
Fine china and long stem ware were placed neatly on the table of linen and brocade
The record player was put on high volume so that all of us could hear
Oh Come All Ye Faithful then Silent Night songs to this day I still hold dear
The house was filled with pleasant smells Mom rose early on Christmas Day
We all knew when the meal was over a few more pounds more each of us would weigh
The egg nog and homemade cookies were then passed around after one fantastic dinner
But those edible snowmen in the cookie jar for the little ones especially was a sure fire winner
The presents never really mattered it was just great to be back home
And so today I share with you Christmas as I remember it in my words of this poem

2013 JacieStralkoDuca (All rights reserved)


By JacieStralkoDuca

© 2018 JacieStralkoDuca (All rights reserved)


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