Socialism and the boredom of eternity
Jackie Kennedy's favorite poem was 'Ithaka'
She loved poetry. She is really the one who
made 'Camelot'. Rest in peace Jacqueline and

Unfortunately socialism is unavoidable

Why I believe in celibacy

I hope the red Chinese are as liberal
minded as we are when they take over.
I don't hate dependent people. I just
do not appreciate them at all because
I am one myself and I have never been able
to appreciate myself very much because I
was raised on the welfare by a single mom
in Roundup, Montana.
Welfare in those days (1950's) had a terribly
demoralizing effect on a lad's self initiative,
especially when he felt like the only kid in
town on welfare. It left a scar because I felt
the shame of being supported by working
tax payers, some of whom were coal miners
who were killed in the mines.

People like to have kids. I love them too.
People are entertained by kids because they
are so vulnerable and make grown-ups
feel perhaps on occasion , more important than
they really should, because kids are easily satisfied
and shower their benefactors with intense
affection which is love. I absolutely
do not appreciate seeing any child suffer.

There is even a collective grinch out
there who believe people on welfare and S.S.I.,
et cetera, who do not work should
not be allowed to vote, because they are going
to vote for their government checks and this
influence will ultimately create a massive
unsustainable growth in population not even
abortion and automation will be able to sustain.
I am not one of them.

One of the problems with the media is they
believe any kind of social criticism results from
racism and jealousy. They are so confident everyone
is guilty of this conceit that their confidence has become
arrogance. But nobody cares what I think.

Charles Krauthammer is the coolest man in the world!
Bob Dylan comes in second------'Oh Joker man! He
never gives a response!' ( I know it was all jus a big
joke whatever it was all about.') God help us all.

By assisi

© 2013 assisi (All rights reserved)


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