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Where Darkness Consumes
Pitched perfect as webbed in my mind under these desolate skies,
Where darkness consumes, it also creates under these closed eyes,
Washing me into persuasion and surrender into a vanishing haven,
Amidst reminiscence in this realm where there is no salvation given.

Here sketched under ablepharia eyes as my mind the verdict eschews,
In this realm the darkness pulling me as the past as here in this muse,
Torrent of colored hues the scars of my seclusion, darkness my respite,
Here I still gaze longingly dipping in and swaying out, holding no light.

This realm holds no longer its rhapsodic tempo for here only damnation,
Here no openings, no escape as I am trapped in a realm with no salvation,
For this darkness that creates and consumes keeping me within its bounds,
There is nothing here anymore only scars and seclusion without any sounds.

Posted thestarlitecafe 11.23.2013 5:34 PM

By nitehawk

© 2013 nitehawk (All rights reserved)


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