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Skeleton Walk


Imagine if the human race had no flesh or blood at all
We`d be a bony skeleton ,some short some long or tall.

No eyes to watch a ball game, no nose to smell the air
There`d be no friendly gesture, no one to lend an ear.

Our feet would never bother us,no need for shoes at all
You`d never hear words that say`` look there, he`s fat or bald `
This world would be a silent place as we shuffle through the dirt
although our bones would rattle when we walk upon the earth.

Weight would be no problem , we`d never have to eat
Without a nose ,no food to smell, hunger pains we`d beat.

Without outer skin to cover bones,we`d all look the same
No one would find an ugly word, there`d be no one to blame

And of course no one could say we have a crooked walk
we`d all be rattling steadily,there`d be no voice to talk.

We`d go on forever` till bones fall in the dirt
from dust we`re made and unto dust,
thats how we`d leave this earth.

The morale of this story is plain as it can be
thank God if you are short or tall or gain weight suddenly
our time on earth is limited, so live life happily !

By Rita

© 2013 Rita (All rights reserved)


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