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going home
often wonder if the deluge of rain drops pouring down
are not the tears of heavenly beings sadly mourning
for all those who believe but caught up in Satans frown
he's bound to bring all believers under his scorning
so when danger comes your way, simply fall on your knees
acknowledging to King Jesus, your love for his own
giving him your highest praises, never,ever cease
even in your pain and sorrow, hears your mournful groan
such a wondrous promise made, come down from God on high
sent down to all who believe and seek his holy face
for when you stand upon God's promise, God, he is nigh
to stand with you and all those abiding in his grace
his angels gathered all around, to watch and protect
have faith, hope, peace, trust in him alone to hold you fast
infilled with his love, proclaim his love to all, connect
for he will fill you with his strength, to finish the task
we know the end of this earthly time is coming soon
bow down in worship, praise him, for we are in his fold
the time has come for his fulfilling of the blood moon
for someday soon, Christ will return, take us all back home
will understand just why you've been homesick for so long

By olderandbolder

© 2017 olderandbolder (All rights reserved)


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