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Blue are the eyes that speak
Blue are the eyes that love,
Blue is the colour so tender
Like the angels from above.
Blue is the colour that sent
You into my life,
Like a wonderful dream,
You brought me
A warm feeling of ecstatic happiness.
You gave to me your beauty
Your youth your life,
You gave to me your soul
Your spirit your whole being,
You became my wife.
To touch to caress your soft baby skin,
To fill me with joy, to give me freedom within.
Love that made us as one
To follow natures path under the sun.
With God's creation two daughters fine,
Whose love and kindness is simply divine.
Who share in our beauty of natures embrace
In the love of creations space.
So to you baby blue eyes I thank you for this,
For all this love and happiness to me
Is perfect bliss.

Happy Birthday Pauline
Happy Anniversary too
With much Love, Tony XXXXXXX

By listener

© 2014 listener (All rights reserved)


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