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One must think or feel a thing
To speak it with maliciousness.
Even if misunderstood,
It should lack in viciousness.

Once declared and spoke aloud,
Entwined, expelled, shaped,
Forced in word beyond the tongue,
Too late, we know. It has escaped.

A sentiment, if true and felt
Can never be unsaid, unmeant.
Though, oftentimes the spoken word
Fails to be worth the effort spent.

If speaker deems the words worthwhile,
They must fall on minds receptive.
If misheard or misunderstood,
The message may be quite deceptive.

Language used or poorly formed
By foreign, unfamiliar mind
Is apt to miss the parts that count
And leave the message unrefined.

Form your line, your thought, your words
And take a moment to rehearse.
Misunderstood thoughts spoke aloud
Could prove hurtful or far worse.

Consider what you’re thinking
And, only afterward decide.
Need they be spoken aloud
Or, might they best be kept inside?

By The_Pip

© 2014 The_Pip (All rights reserved)


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