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As we leave the station the countryside flows fast
People push and shove don't get a seat if youi are last,
My two daughters are loving it we're off to the sea and sand
I look out of the window then begin to doze off into another land.

I think back to a time not so long ago when we were four
Happy and carefree in life but not so, any longer, anymore,
It takes time to get used to it I feel the pain for the children
They often have a weep at night, they must find it bewildering.

I loved their mother so much , I was always loving and kind
I will never understand it myself, it will never leave my mind,
I have never been a courageous man but I'm neither a coward
I could have thumped him on the nose but over me he towered.

It breaks my heart to even think about it as I hear the children play
There's no logic to what she did, suppose they might forgive her one day.
I still love her, perhaps I could have tried more for the children's sake
I have never hurt anyone in my life but I'm hurting now make no mistake.

The children are my world we have loads of fun each day
I pick them up from school and they have loads to tell and say,
But the part that makes me happy and oh so very sad
Is when I kiss them both goodnight and they hug me
And say we love you so very much Dad.

Just a fictional story bit sad Listener....

By listener

© 2014 listener (All rights reserved)


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