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Sleep Soft

Sleep soft dear child in Heavenly peace as Angels now surround thee;
Released from mortal chains of earth your time here was decreed.

Yet though our hearts be troubled and cold like winter chill;
The love that burned will always shine on a destiny now fulfilled.

Ours not to ask the reason why this hill we had to climb,
as we gazed and touched a special gift for just a little time.

A new star burns so brightly now and always will be here;
Within our hearts, within our souls to chase away the tears.

We think now of the wondrous things; the birth, the joy and love;
Not given, but lent for a while and returned to Heaven above.


Once more beside the infant grave I reflect on bended knee
and place soft flowers of fragrance with my thoughts of only thee.

Grey clouds stumble through the sky, I think a storm is near
Thunder speaks with a mighty roar, birds scatter now in fear.

The sky is dark and Heaven cries, yet I will not leave thee now
Beset by tempest, wind and gale I still keep my fervent vow.

Tears of sadness dim my eyes, and my thoughts begin to stray
Then suddenly the storm is still and clouds have rolled away.

The sun now shines upon the grave, through raindrops soft as lace
to create an ethereal rainbow above your resting place.

I know in truth you are not there, we mortals are but a shell;
Those gone before surround you and I know that all is well.

Rest now my child in Heavenly peace, free from strife and pain
I will hold thee close within my arms on the day we meet again.


Oh child the sorrow within me burns, on this cold winter day
And here beside your resting place I really try to pray.

Yet tear dimmed eyes belittle me and I know I should be strong
But confusion races through my head…Is my sadness really wrong?

Then through the snowy landscape I can see the infant child
His presence close beside me, on his face an angelic smile.

Bewildered yet contented now, within the falling snow
I see lost friends surround him with their faces all aglow.

Is this a dream I ask myself as I try to touch their hands
But suddenly they fade away like an ebb tide from the sand.

Humility sweeps over me and as reason takes its place
I realise the happiness of those in a state of grace.

With my spirit now uplifted, I depart and comprehend
Content within the knowledge that death is not the end.

By Shaun

© 2014 Shaun (All rights reserved)


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