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Burial For Love.
Written 1972.

He loved her, she loved him together they had few sad times, many happy times; it was thought a

crime if in time, one of them crossed the line. The peaceful mountain stream made them dream and

in their eyes the greatest love ever seen.

Like a field with flowers after April showers, like bright green lawn with the sun shining on it at dawn,

was this love; one day the price they were afraid to pay, his going away did happen, he went to

Texas, her love went astray.

His love continued to strive for her, her love just died for him; can he try much longer or is the

burial for love so much stronger, can he endeavor much longer or is the burial for love so much


Burial For Love.

PS-She went me a Dear John letter

when I was in basic training, messed

with my mind so much, my lack of

concentration caused me to be sent

back a week in my training. I smile about

it when I reflect on it now.

By Truenobleman

© 2014 Truenobleman (All rights reserved)


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