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And I Forgot You - Ballade Royal
In dreams sometimes, I feel you near -
or in some random passing strain -
of music. But you disappear.
Soon enough I'm clear again
and let the throb of memory wane.
I'm past all that for good you know
And I forgot you long ago.

Mem'ries intrude, but less each year.
I've found the balance to attain
the here and now. I stay well clear
of then and there, and life stays sane.
I've moved away from jangling pain,
and found new music, soothing, low.
And I forgot you long ago.

Time passes, with an atmosphere
of Winter sun or Summer rain.
And life goes on. And I'm still here
and here I'm settled to remain.
I'll savor all I can obtain
of joy, of life, of sun on snow.
And I forgot you long ago.

Time races. Each tomorrow's dear -
too precious to allow the stain
of yesterday or falling tear -
to blear that radiant domain
to let some ancient shadow rein.
And I can hope my soul will grow.
And I forgot you long ago.

By tony parsons

© 2014 tony parsons (All rights reserved)


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