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For he would fill his ears with cotton
If it could drown out the horrid sounds
The volume increased against his will
Sent chills to his brittle bones, his eyes closed
It was not fair to place a fragile being in here
A man cannot hide inside himself - oh no -
There is anarchy in doing so... Or even attempting it
What was that sound you ask - driving him insane
It was the calling - the constant rant of death
That seemed to welcome his desires
It was the desires - evidently still charming
He could not deny - though evident the outcome
And so the cotton would not be place in his ears
Instead in his veins- until it clogged his heart
As it soaked up the life blood and took him
One day at a time - one time too many
Until the sound was silent and horrid no more
He would never again suffer what caused suffering
And we are left to wonder - how loud it was...

By conniej

© 2014 conniej (All rights reserved)


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