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Storm are made for you...
Storms can come without warning...storm shelters are temporary,
storms are various and relevant to our environment and without storms...
we would appreciate the sun, the moon and the stars far less -
so I say run toward the storm and wear the rain as a symbol of cleansing,
fear not the thunder as it awakens your truth, look into the lightning to brighten the path,
let the snow fall upon you as a coat of armor against hurt ... know that this storm will pass... and when it passes, be sure you feel the sun warm your bathed soul,
admire the new fallen snow that covered paths you shall not need to follow,
be grateful for the life the rain brings in new beginnings as it nurtures growth,
be thankful for the dormant necessity the snow storms provide...
you see... it is not about the moments we spend in the storm...
but the realization that we can and will - weather it~!

By conniej

© 2014 conniej (All rights reserved)


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