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I Fell In Love With You


Favoured are those who choose sun over shade
Through love, in love each day yet value night.
The favoured man by woman dares not fade -
Beats every heart of man not worm for light;
Favoured men might begin love of themselves,
Grow not corrupt, after others lagging -
You favour me my love, your favour tells;
With love's bondage more, freedom's song I sing,
Favoured without taint of pomp, hailed happy
Though I state not that in love I'm humble
For when favoured, men seek most life's bounty
And with all mortal strength choose not to fall.
Favoured with your favour, a favourite made,
Humble no more, in the sun I parade.


As candlelight scales golden the goldfish
And from the dragon candlelight breathes fire
For some love secrets for which he might wish
The Wizard waits in his rooms with desire.
The goldfish feeds like the dragon which dares
Fin his tail like the fish as he struts fine.
'What does this tell me?' the Wizard despairs
Then fish and dragon with one voice combine
'Though you and your love are not the same Sir
Love of the candlelight shows quite like needs
And graces of one do grace the other.'
The Wizard pondered these truths of Love's seeds -
He cast a love spell that when she did eat
And she did walk, heart-wise she felt complete.


Know that this moment in time there's one soul
Who like yours loves your talent with thoughts sweet
And sees skilled hand smoothly astound eyes all,
Can value building block and building's feat,
Will never say change this or that for art.
As you work I watch all of you create
From home here nights; two spirits not apart.
With wonder I feel you breathe; dreams awake.
Desires for you don't make me falsely claim
Fame will favour your sweet flowering fortune
Though I do wish when you retire to reign
Master of your bed full moon to full moon.
As moments fly more will love your work as I
But none spirited as my master eye.


While alone I call upon smiles you've smiled
And not my heart alone smiles at the thought.
While eyes dwell on your thinking smile's child
They guess at the games played and the fun sought;
Hands rub together knowing they're treasured
And that part of the smile's sparkle is theirs;
Lips and tongue together in silence have measured
Their large portion of smile's glow each cheek bears
And he that is small but at the call large
Knows full well that all he can claim as his
If heart with his pen hadn't penned he's in charge
Beating out his passioned poems of sheer bliss.
I gather up all your meant smiles for me
And share with all of me the ecstasy.


Women of the world who among you dwell
With more honour than the lady praised here?
A thousand paintings of her beauty tell,
Painted by a dull hand that used to sneer -
Praise! but not the painter - his painting's poor
Though his first to last turned his hand to gold -
Smiles lit the canvass, her thoughts even more,
Her curves taught hand form, breasts made hand's strokes bold -
His fingers grew fine, heart and eyes softened -
Painting in words, master poet became.
Women of the world he will paint till the end
For her beauty's full capture is his aim.
Such women are rare, even in history -
Rare the hands that smile so penning poetry.


Why is my verse so lively yet love's slow
For there's no close dance nor kiss chance tonight?
There's something in the air that moves me so
As though lips promise movement's sheer delight -
For if the rains come, sweet's the summer sun
And if the full moon's not clouded over
Then the touch-thoughts I have tonight will run
With winged speed to where flesh lives in clover.
Lips smile from the heart with special gifts
For special times call for special toasts made.
Oh lips you pleasure and the cold cloud lifts -
Frown and groan tonight can't both strength parade.
So as one day's dull and another's bright
My pleasured love tonight tells what's in sight.


The owl watched the Princess walk with pure grace
'Neath The Tree Of Love And All That's Deserved
And planned to win both heart and beauty's face.
He asked green grass tickle so toes smiles served,
Called blossoms to fall and land in her hair,
Gentle wind gust to raise her eyes to him
And with a wink flew to her shoulder bare
And when she sat, between her legs with a grin.
He made the sunset royal red for her,
The moon more silver than the stars smiling.
The Princess quoted prophesy, to infer
Soon a wise poet she would be marrying.
The owl watched the Princess walk with new step -
He knew she knew where paradise was kept.


What passion I wish to pass through touching
And you will be the poesy passion wills.
If words are just words, kissing's just kissing
But you raise up high mountains out of hills,
Inspire beauty from a poor painter's brush.
If the rhyme's guessed then where's passion's surprise?
But to the poet curves, shapes, colours, words hush -
Thoughts, feelings, moans, join the praise of the eyes.
Where are the words that capture the rapture?
I'm so hungry tonight possums in trees
Would flee sound's ecstasy pure we'd endure
And neighbours and pets in their tracks would freeze.
What passion I wish to pass through touching
And your passion would pass all words could bring.


Looking through The Book of Future History
Note we're in the chapter on Love's successes
And our names side by side sound praised dearly -
Our meeting romantic it confesses,
Modern in style for those days by modem,
Drawn by remarkable common wavelengths,
Attracted then tuned to love's finest gem -
Bees have never travelled to flowers such lengths,
Flowers never opened with such perfumed sweetness -
All found in The Book of Future History,
Not by chance, choice my dear as lovers nest
In the present moments of love's beauty.
The book's published, togetherness certain;
We will kiss again, kiss away all pain.


Oh Lovely Lady, dreamer of grand dreams,
Fear not the fickle nature of false flesh,
Of self thoughts, weak love, weak together themes -
Never will wither wanting our dreams mesh.
There's a good force flooding the earth that flowers
Where great love grows innocent of self gain
And dreaming with Love's nuture commands powers
That foster balance, life flow, beauty's name.
Lovely Lady, dreamer of dreams with me
When our children see us dream, goodness dares
Most daring things in our dear family
So fear not dreams larger with larger shares
Oh Lovely lady, dreamer of grand dreams,
Dreams grand as the moon that on us beams.


Wonderful's this feeling - too wonderful?
Why now and not all through life thrilling me?
Well-being defies that sickness should call -
Too late now because life's been lived ill free.
You're with me as I write, knowing you'll read
But could I feel more wonderful than this
If I held you feeling every curve seed
My every need, my every desire's bliss?
If I was thrilled this hour my pen would write
Deep deep poetry with rhythmic passion,
With thick words filled with meaning all the night
And glow till tomorrow came, from union.
Wonderful's this feeling - too wonderful?
No! there's more instore and I want it all!


When you wish time, youth, ease and love's best
We'll lounge in the park where the're shady gums -
Barbecue, humming tunes the gums request
But squeal when magpies swoop to cease our hums.
When you wish love, youth, ease and time's crown
We'll breathe nature and sing songs of sweet love,
Touch the earth, feel the soft grass call bodies down
To hear music of murmurs as hands move.
When you wish love, time, ease and youth's strength
We'll walk away from the gums and magpies -
Where the running creek will drown noise of length,
Of depth, of vigor, of sighs - passion's cries.
When you wish love, time, youth and life's ease
We'll lounge in the park, please, tease with locked knees.

By David A. Doolan

© 2014 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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