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Pray Verses Prey

On Sunday morning church bells ring
in tones of both silver and gold,

Soldiers pray to the King of Kings
a Nazarene of ancient old,

All is still when the choir sings
His Book is the best story told,

Angels and unclean spirits cling
onto both souls timid and bold,

So very many obscure things
many a Sabbath day unfold,

Satan preys in church to sling
both sermon and clock to behold,

Raised eyebrows ask are you redeemed
has your soul been discreetly sold,

Bowed heads in deep prayer bring
the Holy Ghost to have and hold,

Pray Verses Prey will always fling
the devil back into his mold,

Keep focused morning through evening
on His heavenly Word foretold

By Caprichos

Sunday, April 6, 2014

* I was inspired to write this poem based on a sermon given by Pastor Harbin regarding Spiritual Warfare. Mark 1: 21-28; 1 Corinthians 15: 12; 1 Peter 5: 8; Matthew 4: 9.

Thank you for visiting my poetry page. Love, Capri

By Caprichos

© 2014 Caprichos (All rights reserved)


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