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Then She Heard His Screams...
9th April 2014

He screamed all the way from Argintina
Only he knows her nickname
Sitara my love
Please email me
I need to know that you are alright
My Sitara.......
Where are you?
I have not heard from you in a while

My dearest
Once you give me the key to your heart
Never will I let harm come to you
The evils of this world are many
With my life and my honour
I will protect you
With my sincerity and compassion
I will take care of you
With my loyalty and judgement
I will be true to you
and with my simple honesty
I will never stop loving you

My love, my feelings for you have increased beyond measure
Since you have been quiet for days
You my fed my desires
You touched my soul
My dearest
Each night as I lay awake
I think of you, and pray for you
My prayer goes with you as you leave to collage
My prayer is with you on the lonely road you back home
Oh Sitara... Please attend my calls...?

Where are art thou
But in her heart she knew
This could not be true
He does not really love her
He is but fascinated by her
Living with two females
How can he expect her to believe?

By persiankhushi

© 2014 persiankhushi (All rights reserved)


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