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~Trials And Pain~
(Free Style)

Some folks may choose death over life
In all the midst of their strife
But I've always chosen heartedly
Life because I believe guardedly
That what really define us in the end
Is the choices that we make my friend
Who we choose when we have to face any
Adversity or what we may see as a tragedy.
Who we choose to be and how we react to it
Is what mold us and shapes us every bit
How we respond to each trial and suffering
Is of the utmost importance of our living.
Let's not be dictated against our judgement or stir away
From our goals by other peoples opinions, or events, yea.

Master-minded by life or executed by the ravishes time,
Both which may show us no compassion at all under any clime.
Let's not be mislead or wrongly misguided every day
To act in a rash manner when unfortunate deeds are at play
For our emotions we must master, and not in any way or time be
Controlled by them, for as we know emotions come and flee
So many in our hearts we breed them and often from the world conceal
They may come and go as freely as they please and we may feel.
Our thoughts breath them with life, and shape them in many forms each day.
There's always room for improvement as they are in the sky all the stars,
But you should learn, accept and like yourself, the person that you are.
Love life and embrace it,love yourself every single day to,
Be kind but strong, remember,that in Gods perfect image you were created too,
Trials and pain can break us or help us grow positivity all the way through.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000



By ladydp2000

© 2014 ladydp2000 (All rights reserved)


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