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I remember well the days
When life was honest, safe & pure.
One thing you could count on:
A person’s word was bond for sure.

Anyone who thought to run
For public office on some level
Knew they must be truthful
Or they would pay the very devil.

A lie would come to haunt you
Through your nights and days.
Any who heard of the lie
Would shun you in most ways.

Not a lot of money was
To be found for donations.
Some friends might help as they could
And some of your relations.

Big bucks were useless, anyway.
What you stood for mattered most.
You knew to make no idle promise.
Your abilities were all you’d boast.

To start with, scoundrels kept their place
And didn’t hope to be considered.
Of their sort, people needed none.
Their reputations were too littered.

Now I look at us today.
A forgotten value, honesty.
Wherever are the politicians
With a little touch of modesty?

The nation has come so far.
From bottom to the top and back.
Politicians forget inconvenient truth.
Would rather go on the attack.

It seems easier by far
To lie ‘bout your opponent
Than tell the truth about yourself:
On what you stand as firm proponent.

A shame to say our nation kneels
Before the world with our pride failed.
Somehow we lost our way
With truth long ago derailed.

By The_Pip

© 2014 The_Pip (All rights reserved)


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