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Who knows?
written 22th April 2014

It seems so long ago
He meant the world to me
But it was short lived
Too many years between
Too much pondering
And so many things said
There it ended
The better for both

Yes I love again
But in verse only
The voice of my heart now quiet
It’s been there for a short while
For now I am fine I certainly do not mind
I like being alone but who knows what the future holds

Some say that I am a magnet for drawing people in
Something I never realized
It is unintentional
Though I believe the attraction to be my writing
I’m not quite sure...
I write from my heart
Of the life and love
Dilemmas and incidents
Mostly of others aand least of myself
You may say this is not right
But my life is a private
The least you know the safer for both you and me

So yes, I might love again one day
Then I might not
Perhaps I will follow in my idol’s footsteps
Who knows what the future holds?

By persiankhushi

© 2014 persiankhushi (All rights reserved)


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