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Why won't someone explain to me
Why doesn't someone care,
Why is it I am all alone
For in the shadows of my mind
I'm still a young man,
Fighting on the shores of dunkirk.
Look at the photos with medals galore,
Now nobody even bothers to knock on the door.
Come on tell me why, come on tell me
But don't lie. I'm not old I never will be,
I'm still on that beach try and kill me.
On the beach of loneliness, caught in a trap.
Don't talk to me about being lonely,
Don't talk to me as if I am some old crony.
My mind is eighteen the bodies lay near,
Shot to bloody pieces now they ain't got no fear.
Iwas lucky I laid beneath them in terror
While they shot most of my comrades
I was swimming in their blood
petrified I would make an error.
It was the loneliest place on earth,
And here I am on a lonely shore again,
With two busted legs for my pain.
But don't call me old,
Cause I'll disagree,
We're still eighteen my mates and me.


By listener

© 2014 listener (All rights reserved)


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