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Go On
I cannot seem to understand,
What shall be lost from the hand,
As time slips into gone away past,
The dreams of man cannot last.
So many times have we all paid,
The price of plans carefully laid?
Yet still we go on.

The balance lost and the path astray,
And chances passed along the way,
Galaxies of change occur unheeded,
Innovation and thought go unneeded.
Passion given away and glory unsought,
A meaningless rut in which we're caught.
Yet still we go on.

In a soulless desert we strive,
Yet hardly aware we're alive,
We wake in stupor and to bed in pain,
This is our daily heartless disdain.
Our internal fires no longer burn,
A pale knowledge of hurt we learn.
Yet still we go on.

We gather in flightless flocks,
And time runs, ticks and tocks,
But change is a thing refused,
Once again is wisdom unused.
And toil along in a pointless day,
How can any person say,
Still I shall go on.

By Peter Damon Frost

© 2014 Peter Damon Frost (All rights reserved)


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