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Dissertation from A Madman
Since I am a simple person, I will put this in simple context rather than as some feeble attempt to romanticise myself. More a list of facts than poetry.
Born in August of 1967, adopted 3 days after birth.

Spent my early childhood in San Diego, teen years in Las Vegas.

Military veteran.

Gun/sword enthusiast and very proficient with weapons. Medieval and modern.


3 children, 5 grandchildren.

Devout Norse Pagan. ('Witch' for those who prefer simpler words.)

In favour of 'Gay' marriage and the death penalty.

Opposed to gun control and tax-breaks.

'Freedom of Speech' should be tempered with the wisdom of silence. Just because you can, doesn't mean you must.

I believe in vengeance but not revenge.

Function is important, form much less so.

I do not judge by race, but by how the person acts.

I prefer the company of animals to people.

I do not trust our government much, but we are still the best game in town.

I believe we should be an Imperialist nation. We win the war, the place is ours.

Honour, purity of purpose, dignity, courage of conviction. I believe in these.

I am quite mad, but I'm OK with it. I like it.

Anything else, just ask.


By Peter Damon Frost

© 2014 Peter Damon Frost (All rights reserved)


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