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Once Upon A Time
'Once upon a time...'
Isn't that how it always begins?
'Once upon a time'.
So, what about the time ahead?
Are we so focused on what has been that we are
somewhat oblivious to what is about to be, to what can be?

Ostriches with our heads stuck in the sands of time passed.
Will my children know this curse as well?

Our leaders point to pictures of the past and say
'I want to bring back the days of once upon a time',
and we are fooled.
They are not concerned with what each persons' once upon a time was,
but they know we each have one and long for it to be again.
So much so that we believe the drivel they all spout
and put them in control of our tomorrows,
because of once upon a time.

Parents try to subdue their kids with this or that happened to them
or someone they knew 'Once upon a time'.
Yet the very same thing failed to work on them as they grew to men and women.
Organised religion tries to keep us subservient with
'Once upon a time, God said' this or that, but do they listen
to what God says today? Do you?
Has their 'once upon a time' made you unable to hear it?

And me. Have I anything left to hope for but once upon a time?
Do you?
Once upon a time I thought so much more would become of my life.
I wonder if it still shall.
Then I will have so much more to say than, 'Once upon a time.'

By Peter Damon Frost

© 2014 Peter Damon Frost (All rights reserved)


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