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Writings on the Wall
A collection of short things. Hopefully they impact and enlighten.

The more time you spend
Reading the writing on the wall,
The better you understand
What the world is trying to say.

In search of a better tomorrow?
Look around you today.
Pay attention.

Government is so much shouting
'Listen to me, I'm right!'
That no one hears the kind voice saying
'How can I help?'

A mind that remains closed too long
Is both a self-imposed prison and
A tomb too soon interred.

The only creature that can't dance to the rhythm of life
Is mankind.
We are too deaf from marching to a different drum
And tooting our own horns.

Grasping at straws only gives a handful of hay,
Reaching out for a helping hand gives a way out of pain.

How much of life is spent in pursuit of more,
As opposed to knowing just what you have?

By Peter Damon Frost

© 2014 Peter Damon Frost (All rights reserved)


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