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All The Colours I Can See
Born from a womb to a place unknown,
Where hope was a dream of a world gone by,
Like a ship lost at sea beneath clouded sky,
Floundering in silence o'er dark waters foam.

Salt-water filled eyes that stare without care,
Counting the hours of a past to nowhere,
Listening to the sound of the breath I breathe,
As colours of my rainbow to nature concede.

When unicorns were fairytales, just stories of old,
And the colours of rainbows were dreams to last.
To search in vain for my pot of gold,
But that's long stolen, in times long past.

Swimming alone in a sea without shore,
Fighting lost dreams behind memories locked door.
A rainbow the vase holding back lost years,
A mural in the sky, seven glistening tears.

Was risk and adventure only for the few,
As dreams and hopes without notice they passed.
Have I wasted these years, can I not start anew
And bathe in the colours that life has cast.

'I've lost so much but sought His permission,
To go before I loose anymore.
He's promised one day my request to be answered,
When all the colours I can see, earth's nature has captured'

By adthomas

© 2014 adthomas (All rights reserved)


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