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Standing firmly in a spiritual balance. Does any such creature exist among mankind?
Balance requires a polar opposite to all things. Everyone has a 'dark side'. Some learn to lock it away, even fewer learn to harness it and utilise it for the benefit of those around them. Most just pray it never comes alive , hiding it from others and themselves.
Hiding from it until they lay at night and the demons come. The ones of their own creation. Each named 'What if' and 'If I had only done' and 'Maybe next time'. Then comes the master of them all. The one even they cower before yet give the greatest life.
'Why me?'
For some it is named 'Why not me?', but both are the same creature. Created by the frail woes and small fears that the inner darkness easily tames. There, in the loneliness of night, even when a loved-one lies beside, alone they wrestle with these phantoms. Only gaining reprieve with the ensuing dawn. Never to win, and some to altogether lose and drop into despair or into the very darkness they never learned to master. The one they did not control that now controls them. Out of the petty fears they created in that darkness.

By Peter Damon Frost

© 2014 Peter Damon Frost (All rights reserved)


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