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Ye Olde Solitude of Confinement

The confidante required my muse
To drift upon a lighted fuse
And touch the flame of circumstance
While Apollo desired a new romance

Overtures of a wayward clause
Came forth again in silent pause
Grammarians scoffed and rattled bones
While Benjamin baked up English scones

Sanctuarys flowed with rhyme and verse
While students arrived to now rehearse
Thought was straddled by natures course
And forced to ride imaginations horse

The speed was such
A mellow trot
Memories shared
Were soon forgot
Were you amidst the clip and clop
Of feet that tread upon my top?

Just below of what we know now
Lives the answer of why and how
So open the doors of introspect
Imagine the rule of cause and effect

Confinement falls
When solitude calls
And I shall speak
From assertives peak

Don't be ashamed to leave your
dactylogram on this parchment

toss it in the air for observation
let if drift to the floor
and read it some more

Sauntering forth with mellow grin

Come imagination
gallop this way..let the dreams begin....

By bubby

© 2014 bubby (All rights reserved)


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