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What do you do
When the life that you’ve been trying to save
Just gives up, packs its bags, and fades away
Where do you go
When you can’t tell the truth from the lies
And the person you missed most leaves without saying goodbye
How do you breathe
When the tears that you cry fall just like Washington rain
They’ve let go, become numb, left you behind with their pain
When is the time
When the life that you’ve been living the same
Finds its way back on the tracks, and you find your way home again

Even if you didn’t mean to, we both know what you did
That selfish thing you said that you would never do
I can’t believe you’d set that image before his innocent face
In a single instance you did worse to him than you ever put me through...

By CrimsonSkies

© 2014 CrimsonSkies (All rights reserved)


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