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Homeward Bound
Deep pools of darkness hide in the corner
Of his heart as he is lain upon old newspapers
Lost in a nostalgic reverie billowing past his mind
Holding onto the face of his mother and father
Long forgotten when his parents kicked him out
Of their home all because they didn't want a son
Anymore, they figured he was sixteen and a man
All his own. He was like a lost speckled-eye puppy
When in the twilight between night and morning
He felt a strong, warm, loving hand clasp into his
And asked the young lad to fear not and to follow
Him. The young teen wiped the tears from his eyes
And wasn't sure if it was real or just a random dream.
But there on the floor he found a note, 'Be still and
Know I am The Lord your God. Fear me not. Come,
Follow me. I have a place in my many mansions for
You.' The lad stood up as he gathered his belongings
And walked in a daze for a mile or two until he reached
A church with the lights on and doors opened. He was
Cold, hungry and desperate for an answer. He knelt
Down at the first pew he encountered and prayed
With his mind, body and soul. When he was through
Praying he lifted his head to look towards the altar.
There he was. The man who left the note while he
Slept on the sidewalk. He walked up to the altar and
Told the man how grateful he was for the kind note.
The man locked his eyes into his and told the young
Lad he was his guarding angel and leaving earth would
Soon come to be. And in a whirlwind he went up into
The heavens accompanied by his guardian angel.
All that was left of him was a brown paper bag he had
Held in his hands now being blown upward and downward
By the ancient ocean breeze in a village-by-the-sea.

By Caprichos

Monday, July 14, 2014

Thank you for perusing my poetry page and commenting. Love, MoNi

By Caprichos

© 2014 Caprichos (All rights reserved)


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