Autumn snow

Autumn Snow --rewrite

written Oct. 5th 2001

See the satin iron sky
In misty vestured spender shine
Glossy clouds of pearl unfurled
Ending Autumn's lustrous world
October's riotous delights declined
By Autumn Snow sacredly enshrined
And those mysterious flowers came
With no two blossoms the same
In resplendent abundance reclaimed
The North world's six pronged domain
Tiny little petal shimmering gleams
Landing in icy leaves on my sleeve
Like little candle flamed beams
How lonely is the Sun I wonder
Is her warming gaze her only fame
By high strung clouds restrained
With no two snowflakes the same
Unique dimensions exquisitely framed
Mysterious phantoms of fabulous design
Various paragons of mysterious time
Landing on soggy leaves at my feet
Painted baubles ruddy colored baubles
Twinkling glimpses scarlet tinted
Golden frozen lights taking flight
Wobbling in watery frenzied rivulets
Melting into glory at my feet
Dropping in the gutter at my feet

Today my heart is strong
with dancing chimes
and cymbal jingle jang

tinkling bells ringing
golden rhymes
perhaps made of fool's Gold

Better a fool who feels like a winner
in his victimless folly
Than a wise man who feels like a loser


In this world there's nothing else I'd rather do
I'm happy just to dance with you.--------------Anne Murray

By assisi

© 2014 assisi (All rights reserved)


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