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An Idea Called Beauty
It is a botheration, though occasional,
The idea of an eye-appeal.
Attraction emerges from all directions,
Or from nowhere
Abruptly or gradually,
Dancing on your heady heart wildly.

The concept of fairness can be diverse;
It can be mildly seductive,
All consuming, a feeling, very personal,
Make no mistake.
It can also be spiritual.
Bathing you in a joyful enchantment.

Beauty never belongs to a maid alone.
It is dauntless, unbiased.
You are poorly rich in its abundance
In all forms of life,
For you are blind as a bat.
Vision, rich, is the key to find beauty!

Two sides of a coin they are you know,
Ugliness and prettiness;
Their face value being ever the same?
Like love and hatred.
Minute is their difference.
It all relies on your inner-self makeup.

By Suvasini

© 2014 Suvasini (All rights reserved)


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