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Fantasy in Lavender
A shy adolescent, I never attended my high school prom;
Never confident to ask anyone, as a Romeo, I was a bomb.
Time has passed, I am not the same meek little boy from then;
Wondering what it would have been like if I could do it over again.
I find that young girl who is gentle and kind, our souls do meet;
I ask her, she accepts; now I gotta get rid of my two left feet.
Practicing in my basement, my imagination runs through the event;
Desiring everything to go perfectly, as she has given me her consent.
My tux is light blue, for it is the Spring of 1970 you must remember;
My memories develop into a fantasy from this slightest ember.
She is dressed in a lavender formal, a tear drops from my eye;
My date is the most beautiful creation of God, I’m such a lucky guy.
Off to the prom we go, quiet with expectation, each with a grin;
The gym is latticed with flowers, lights are low when we walk within.
The band begins with a love ballet, we enter the dance floor together;
We sway to the rhythm, our movements are as light as a feather.
Looking into her eyes, I see a sparkle of joy as we dance so close;
In my fantasy, as we dance, I never ever step on her beautiful toes.
My heart is light imagining this night, the smile across my face is wide;
After dancing for hours, we walk to get some fresh air from outside.
I now know that this is a fantasy in lavender by looking at what I see;
A beautiful waterfalls tumbling down, she is in my arms, I feel so free.
The mist from the falls cools my sweating brow, the moon is full tonight;
We now begin to sway, then we dance slowly in the blue moonlight.
I smile, my fantasy is now complete, I have had my second chance;
Now, finally, I have experienced fully my school’s biggest dance.

By Koi_

© 2014 Koi_ (All rights reserved)


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