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Ethereal Prayer
Prayer steeps into meditation. The quiet seeps in, and there I depart.
Lying against the wispy touch of air, I can see the bright moon.

It beckons me, categorizing this dream into something beyond.
A message. My soul turns away from the ethereal beauty of night. It shifts into a sense of connectivity.

Like a baby connected to its source, my umbilical pulls me closer to the sky.
There you are. Greater than the sun, more potent than aged wine. My knees feel weaken.
Do souls have knees?

There in the kaleidoscope of your eyes, I measure my shame. My sorrow.
I cry for your forgiveness and there in the midst of birth.
You release me from my sins.

I am washed anew, and into this world I redevelop. My eyes open under the morning sun.
I glance around and stare at my fingers reaching for the ceiling. I am new.

The sun doesn't seem so harsh, the day not so gray.
Because of You.

By Awaken

© 2014 Awaken (All rights reserved)


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