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The Matrix.
The players are so called Banksters, these are not little Mom and Pop banks in small

towns and cites across the globe, these are World Banks they wheel and deal in Gold, blood, guts,

wars, population control, mind control, fear control. On one side is the US/UK who also have a


in the drug trade, which produces billions and creates millions of Zombies. On the other side is

Russia/China Banking Enterprise these 2 sides have a hand in all 'the world's a stage reality' and

the behind the curtain is a power struggle for control of energy resources[which one of them is

Gold] the 2 sides are in a flesh and blood Chess match to bring other players to their side such as

Germany and France, Germany is very dismayed at the U.S for their CIA spying BS and it is leaking

that she is working on going over to the Russian/China side and taking her Gold with her, which will


the US/UK to bleed and weaken the US dollar; so these other matters ie MO and whatever the

Corporate Media flavor of the day story is, well as Paul Harvey use to say 'the rest of the story'

,yet, a trembling world, ask's is the fat lady about to sing?

PS-Also of all the world's religions, one always is in the Matrix mentioned in any story dealing with

control, her hub is located in the Vatican.

By Truenobleman

© 2014 Truenobleman (All rights reserved)


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