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A Pair Of Messy Birds (Fun Poem 158)
I sat outside a shop waiting
for my watch to have a new strap
and watched two messy birds
taking rubbish out of a litter bin.
First they walked around the bin,
then jumped up and grabbed whatever
might have some food within the carton.
Dragging it out they emptied the contents
onto the pavement grabbing up any crumbs
that might have been inside,
then flicked the empty carton to the wind
while they went around the bin again.
Slowly they were throwing rubbish here and there
making a terrible mess that us humans
would have been fined for,
but flew off before the law came around.
The feathered litter makers
came back again and again until the street
was almost buried with their mess.
Finally they had had enough
and winged it these two messy birds
leaving us with an eyesore on the ground.

30 July 2014

By David Harris

© 2014 David Harris (All rights reserved)


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