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I Cried,Today
I cried today,not because I was hurting,sad in pain or in mourning
I cried because I spent time in the Secret Place with my Father.

I cried today,because I thought about how good he is to me
each and everyday.

I cried today, when I thought about and remembered how much
he loves me,and takes care of me.

I cried today,because of the peace and absolute Joy He gives me
how He carries me through my storms of life.

I cried today,when I realize He chose me as His vessel
He pulled me out of the pit,washed me and saved me
I cried today.

I cried today,tears of thankfulness,as I thought about every drop of Blood
He shed for me,every stripe across His back ,the seven times He fell
and got up for me I cried.

I cried today,when I realize He saw me in the cup as He was
on His knees praying to His Father.

I cried today,tears of thankfulness and Joy,when I remembered His rising up on the
third day for me.

I cried today,as I went into my secret place,kneeled at my Saviors feet
laid my head in His lap and said 'Thank you Jesus for loving me so much'.

I cried today,when I simply said His name Jesus.

I cried today,
Have You?

Inspired By The Holy Ghost
Patricia A.Robinson
God's Servant


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