Each year since about 80 you have been saying the same thing 'Well pretty soon now' Meaning that your time is just about over upon this earth . And each year you amaze me yet again with your stamina and zest for life. Sometimes doing more in one week then myself. On the go and enjoying every single God given minute.And this is exactly the way I pray I can be too as age adds year after year to my life.
I know that there are days when your body aches and your eyesight is by far not clear. But you rarely complain. I also know Dad that you would love to be behind the wheel of your vehicle and not rely on others to take you places and feel like the independent man that you once were. But we all know this is impossible. You have graciously and without a fight bowed down to the fact that life as it is now has changed many things. So dad you just enjoy each and every moment and take it all in............... Heaven is around the bend and mom awaits a new life with you as she stands patiently awaiting your arrival, but today you remain ours.
And it is with deep appreciation and love I say Happy 92nd Birthday Dad. I love you! Your Number 1 Firstborn ~Jacie~

2015 JacieStralkoDuca (All rights reserved)

By JacieStralkoDuca

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