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A Childs Prayer
Tonight as my baby girl started to pray
She said GOD it's 8 o'clock
And GOD we need to talk
She said daddy help me pray
And daddy bow your head
As we knelt beside her bed
She said GOD can you hear me
Mommy always said you'd hear me
If I would learn how to pray
And that you would show me the way

Well GOD I don't understand
Why you took my mommy away
Daddy always says I'll understand
When I grow up someday
She said GOD, you need your son
Well I need my mommy too
And I know that my daddy
Would be happier with mommy
'Cause daddy talks to mommy's picture
And mommy's not even there

GOD can you please
Give my mommy wings
So she can come to see us
GOD she always kept our house clean
And GOD I know,
She keeps your house clean
GOD I miss my mommy's hugs
And daddy says your son is king
So I know if my mommy had wings
She could hug me and daddy

Well GOD I want to thank you
For being there to listen
GOD think about what I said
And tell mommy that I love her
Oh and GOD I love you too
Just one more thing GOD
Help my daddy stop crying
Thank you GOD Amen
Then she turned to me and said
Goodnight daddy, I love you

I was still on my knees
Beside my little girls bed
With tears running from my eyes
I gave my baby girl a kiss
And said sweet dreams baby girl
Then I went to my room
Kissed my wife's picture
And with tears in my eyes
I knelt down to pray
I said GOD, we need to talk

By George_Martin

© 2014 George_Martin (All rights reserved)


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