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A Straw Man Again! (Fun Poem 159)
For a few weeks I’ve been in agony,
my top false teeth hurt
and my top lip was very sore,
but because I tried to be a macho man
who ignored all his pain
I suffered hard in silence.
The doctor told me when eventually I went
to see my dentist as gum cancer I might have.
My reluctance made more suffering
until I could stand no more.
My thoughts of having the big C
scared the life out of me.
To the dentist I trotted
and made an appointment to see them.
The results startled me
as I had a fungal infection in my gums
caused partially by my false teeth.
If that wasn’t bad enough
more meds I had to take
and had to leave my top knashers out.
From being a carnivore
I am downgraded to a straw man again
with liquidised food again,
but thankfully it should be only for a month.
Oh teeth can be a real pain
even when you haven’t got any
and their replacements can also be
thirty years down the line.

9 August 2014

By David Harris

© 2014 David Harris (All rights reserved)


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