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Ride Out The Storm

Within the blink of an eye I'm surrounded by silence and darkness covers all
Shadowed illusions form all round the room from candles enticing call

Thunder sounds inconsistent as lightning it dances crisscross or the sky
Wind whirls round as gusts abound giving dance to the leaves passing by

Out of the silence the wailing of sirens streak off to unknowing places
I sit there and listen thinking to myself could be death to unknowing faces

In the moment I'm captured by cigarette's smoke as it's pulled to alluring flame
Watching the candle it flickers with movement quite literally going insane

But no motion of air dwells in the room for all the openings are hidden
My face went pale and heart skipped a beat as the door swung quietly open

And in walked through heavenly essence guardian angel with wings that shimmer
Ascending he spoke, be not afraid for I was sent from God Our Heavenly Father

I will stay and watch or you as Mother Nature needs tend to her child the sphere
In safety I'll keep you be that assured until the blue in the skies reappear

For OnePurpleCrayon's Challenge The door swung quietly open and in walked.....

By ellie58

© 2015 ellie58 (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - And In Walked.... (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - And In Walked.... (challenge has been closed)

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