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Finally Free

Sinking in the profound abyss of utter disinclinations
From worlds reported news of tyranny dispositions

In war torn lands gunmen with no regrets their anger magnifies
They shoot at people in the streets not looking back their left to die

In the rain a daughter holds her mother where she fell from gunmen’s blast
No weeping my child I’ll do that for you as I am finally free from anguish at last

With my last breath I’ll cry for you my dear one for you will still have to endure
All that lies before you of turmoil’s and of horrors and the undisputed future

I can’t go on without you the daughter cried you’re the only one that I have left
In silence the rain falls lightly on the two of them the air feels solemnly bereft

I’ll pray to Heavenly Father for you my child of hopes of brighter tomorrows
And with one last breath she leaves with blood streamed tears of sorrow

The daughter cradles her mother in arms and cries out in mournful throng
And then from darkened shadow a bullets aim quickly silences her song

She falls to ground and with last of strength embraces her dear mother
With last breath she smiles and says thank you for not letting me suffer

By ellie58

© 2014 ellie58 (All rights reserved)


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