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Even Daddy's Cry
Today my little girl looked up at me
She said why you crying daddy
I tried to hide my tears
From my little girls fears
I told my kids I was saying goodbye
And that even daddy's cry
I told them mommy don't love me anymore
That she's pushed me out the door
Mommy wants her freedom
From daddy for other men
I said kids your mommy and I
We don't see eye to eye

I know you all love daddy
But mommy wants to be free
This really hurts inside of me
These pains we can't forsee
So always stand tall and be strong
Remember you done nothing wrong
I know that I'm leaving you
But I'll always be daddy too
And remember I love you
Even when your sad and blue
You can always call if you need me
I'll be there for you you'll see

Always be sure you say your prayers
'Cause JESUS always cares
Don't you ever forget what daddy read
And remember what I said
Do the things mommy asks you
Give her your time too
Remember to always be kind
And you'll never do the crime

Just remember daddy's not mommy's new guy
So give hugs and kisses goodbye
Yes their are tears in my eyes
'Cause even daddy's cry

By George_Martin

© 2015 George_Martin (All rights reserved)


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