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A Passing Phase (Fun Poem 160)
When I started writing
just over 50 years ago
my parents remarked
on what I was doing
was just a passing phase
and I would soon get over it.
Now with 1307 songs and lyrics,
just over 3000 poems, 175 short stories,
34 books and 3 plays written
I am still on this passing phase.
Maybe one day this passing phase will end
and I will become a proper writer.
It has been a long apprenticeship and I will pass it,
then that passing phase will be through
and I will have to think of another passing phase
I can drive myself through.
I could become an opera singer or a pop star,
or maybe a Shakespearean Actor, the ideas are endless.
However, until then any ideas would be most welcome
and I will try to do my best to see what I can do.

19 August 2014

(Author’s Note:
At the time of writing all the figures of what I have written is accurate.)

By David Harris

© 2014 David Harris (All rights reserved)


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