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The seas are filled with legends and mysteries
told by sailors old and new
of ghost ship and mysterious Islands
that change their position
such as the Island of Kaloo
somewhere in the south china seas
whose position changes
from those who have seen it.

Kaloo is a floating island
that moves with currents and tides
filled with ancient creatures
that lived thousands of years ago.
Anyone who lands on the island
never lives to tell the tale.
The island is said to have
a treasure there beyond compare.

Sailors through the centuries
have sought the treasures there,
but none have returned to tell
of what treasures they may have found.
It is believed that the monsters
from a bygone age devoured them
or so the legend goes
but no one really knows.

Each year new adventurers
with modern technology seek
to find the mysterious Island of Kaloo,
but a few never return at all
and so the mystery grows.
Maybe one day it will be found
with photographs to prove it exists.

Until that day arrives
the Island of Kaloo
will ride the waters
of currents and tides
to become another maritime mystery
to be told by sailors
who have chased the mists
within the south china seas.

6 September 2014

By David Harris

© 2014 David Harris (All rights reserved)


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