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Life's Journey
Through our lif's journey,
we cut a path
Together we shared everything,
even a laugh
Through mountain streams,
we left a rippling mark
Together arm in arm,
beneath stars in the dark

On the cool green grass,
into the clouds we gazed
As the sun came and went,
and the winds blew praise
Through dreams in our hearts,
a romance began
Walking in the sand,
on the beach hand in hand

Though we had trying times,
our love did last
Standing together ups and downs,
of a trying past
We managed to overcome,
Those hard times of yesterday,
At times a rough journey,
we still made our way

Today some paths we made,
are just a memory
As we journey on,
Through this life of mystery,
But baby,
the path you cut into my heart,
I'll cherish forever,
till death do us part

By George_Martin

© 2014 George_Martin (All rights reserved)


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