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Ballad to Our Love
Dedicated to the love of my life. The ballad itself covers the time I've known you, 1986 - to the present.


Fading from the light

‘Twas Titus Llewellyn’s love at first sight,
Festooned to having what differentiates
From other women that none can compare
Human minutiae, with stature to surpass
Change, that nothing ever changes love 5
When it is without dreaming,
To be there.

To salvage preference of one, --- just one
Who aspires thee most,-- a hover of besot,
Blessed or should this test be servile set? 10

I dreamt the morning after since that night,

Bleak, it soothes temptation’s phasing stage

Welcome angel, true the existence one assumes,

She came from nowhere, other than that place

This fantasy has welcomed preference over, 15

Adapting to change, her paucity seems unique,

To reinvest uncertainty an attempt to estrange

Another time for us to meet, most definitely.

Parting, how regretful it was we hadn’t time,

Whilst rain it pouring down, as coteries 20

Who dithered worthy aspect over an assuming

Peace, the mutuality is who we'll worship over.

A cursed belie in ever decreasing speculation,

I gaze from the past to veer from this memory

To seek pasture in the hope of lost opportunity. 25

And whilst I cope, ‘tis said of pain to thwart,

Transgress is such a slowly process I regain

As aspirations tokens do, to stretch against -

Hiding half of what seems past, it is forbidden.

I write about not having felt before, a rebirth 30

This much I have rekindled since what love is;

Rightly do as I find if might it come my way,

Are reasons are without avoidance to bring notice,

To approach the stars at night, if anywhere

Would I to witness God, His strength would reign. 35


O’ oracle, the love omen, these loathes took;

My mother who when last she cried rang out

Request this, thy beset to love be cherished,

Last, and yet detain to cast all doubt ridden

Tho ridiculed it seeds the grey of spirit 40

Dark retains to expect the worst I duly sigh

Until each night would then put out that light,

Newness bore me a rebirth found as an acquittal

Self inherit her retrieval, to fight for it

To bicorn obscurity it would this encumber calm,

Star gazing her eyes were insanity’s love peril. 45

The Divination

Forsake the angel, who would endow me all right

From wrong, to trample all the weeds, it seeds

Alluring fate, follicle I sense it will save me!

Misfortune I may have missed as most certain

Charming influence, now spoken of as, ‘luck’, 50

Being superstitious, it was, to suggest again,

That something still was missing, if by touch

By chance

(Beside myself this much my claim).

Announce the kiss on record was thy vouch, 55

And having scurried, would it let thy twain,

Be hurried having met, our letting go again. -

Should patience wait, should it be prone forever,

Shown throughout as fact to feel I’m not alone,

Imagine the ‘if’s and ‘buts’ my want for you, 60

Impossible reach, towards what seems a mountain

Would uplift my gaze above all things, in hope

One sees as deeply as the adornment to clouds

Parade themselves in gain as much to encourage

Nature, to change its ways its apathy I guess - 65

My heart renders to encapsulate some warmth,

Apsidal clouds are shown what ongoing pursues

Into the distance, far away searching the girl

Whose thermal trace I sensed my eclectic rock

Conjoin in soul seeking to fetch me far wider, 70

Than near it is to justify myself the mystery,

Returning to that place of having just, we met.

The Arrival

I listen almost hoisted though without cause

My having gathered in twain; a relief I feel

Brought ‘unlike’ us worthy to accept eagerly 75

I'm more than likely to accept that this was

Worthy of a chance, a thought passing perhaps

It would arrive as she did the afore mention

That my father, now having tried to entrance

Me, that one would require me, to otherwise: 80

Let herself in, our love is having travelled.

Once, interpret this as our own misguided,

Twice, it is by chance luck would have it -

Thrice, to believe it'd too became our fate.

And auspice would to hold a welcome cordial; 85

Involvement that includes two token hearted,

It's without you to imagine myself to incur

The labour of a love and a whole worth while.

By Titus

© 2015 Titus (All rights reserved)


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