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Dollar Domain.
My understanding of the class I was raised in, has made me more aware of the factor wealth plays in this dollar

domain. As the calendar years go by, conformity becomes less and less important to me; people I once held in high regard

have gotten an oldness to them, I feel so often to just move away.

Dollar Domain.

As past influences fade away, I take new views of my place in my life, in my class. The dominance of family has to be

brought under control, more so now than as a younger individual. As I consider the path my life could have taken,

misrepresentation of who I wanted to be was ever present; social courtesy I enacted was turned around and gave life to


Dollar Domain.

Appreciation for deeds of honor, acts of compassion no where to be found. As we go on in life, coping with this

dollar domain, we must pay close attention to its after effects; weakness and submission in all classes feed it daily. As

the debts grow we must ask ourselves, what price will the healing process cost?

Dollar Domain.

Written June 3.1989.

By Truenobleman

© 2015 Truenobleman (All rights reserved)


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