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When the stars have been counted
One by one;
But before you get to the last
You've forgot where you'd begun;
It's time to admit
It doesn't matter how many;
What really does matter
Is that there's plenty
To go around—
One for each you and me;
To light up the night
Where dark used to be;
To show there is hope
No matter how black
Our lives sometimes seem
And there's no turning back;
Just imagine. . . the light
We see shining tonight
Began on its journey
Long before things weren't right;
It's as if God knew
When we had nowhere to turn
We could always look up
And see that God's candles burn
Long into the night
And each following day;
And so it has been
Forever, some say;
And so it shall be
Wherever we roam
To remind us all
That God's always home.

Rawland Storm

Have you ever wondered why there are stars in the sky?

For Sharon's 'The Light That Always Shines' Challenge

By Rawland

© 2015 Rawland (All rights reserved)


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